Operable Wall Systems


Wall Systems offer a technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing design. These are built with a strong steel reinforced aluminum alloy frame that provides strength and stability as well as protection to the panel finish while panels are in motion. The unique combination of the frame and various available substrates ensures a panel that will last for years in your application.

The core of the panel is filled with insulation and laboratory tested Sound Transmission Class (STC). The result of this special design is a flat, rigid panel, which will provide years of quality performance.

You have the flexibility to choose from dry marker boards, chalkboards, tack boards and tackable surfaces.

Dynacare 8500 Mixed finish

Finish possibilities

Traditional finishes of vinyl, fabric, plastic laminations, wood veneers, and carpet are available in a variety of colors and textures.


There are 2 types of wall systems:

  1. Electrical : These are operated under the power of electricity. They require being hooked up to the buildings electrical supply and operated via the turn of a key switch. It eliminates any human effort to operate the walls.
  2. Manual : These are operated manually by moving them through human effort. They are designed to travel smoothly along its track system and does not require a lot of effort.

Pass Doors

Pass Doors may be incorporated in selected panels to provide entrance / exit to an area. Pass doors have mechanical retractable bottom seals and are constructed to match the panel. This design maintains the acoustical and aesthetic integrity of the Partition.