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About Us

Your genuine, trust-worthy partner, not just a supplier!

Our approach to business is a commitment to providing a positive experience for building owners and work closely with architects, consultants, engineers, designers and contractors. Our objective is to maximize the utilization of space through operable walls, partitions, dividers, separators, and shutters.


Years of experience and dedication in focusing extensively and exclusively on perfecting space management and security. Our desire to be the best and staying focused on our core expertise, sets us apart and provides our customers with a high-value experience.


Canadian owned and operated, Extreme Partitions is proud to have become Canada’s largest new product supplier for Moderco and servicing specialists for Moderco and all other operable wall manufacturers. The team combines decades of experience and commitment using the most advanced and proven systems in the industry designed by Moderco Inc. We work with the customer from design and estimation through installation and servicing. Although our focus is on providing new wall systems designed by Moderco, we are also leading experts on repairing or replacing existing designs either by modifying, remodeling and even relocating and refinishing wall systems, regardless of its manufacturer. We have worked with some of the finest hotels, schools, religious buildings, corporate offices, recreational and convention centres, colleges, and government institutions.